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This Week In Film Podcast

Sep 28, 2016

This Week in Film, no Ray, no Tony, but Nick gets a blast from the recent past when super fan Dan comes back to the show!

Then they unintentionally talk about Keanu Reeves movies where he plays a character named John: John Wick (2014) & Johnny Mnemonic (1995).

Week 37 Rundown:
00:00:00 – Show Open & Intro
00:01:42 – I keep asking Dan if he’s back. Well you know what, he is back! Then he talks about John Wick (2014), an awesome Keanu Reeves action movie where he wears a dapper suit.
00:18:07 – Then Nick talks about a terrible Keanu Reeves action movie where he wears a dapper suit, Johnny Mnemonic (1995). There is also a horrifying dolphin in this movie. It’s a half cyborg dolphin. It’ll haunt your dreams.
00:37:23 – We are gonna let last week’s #RaysRayndomRayquest ride for ONE MORE WEEK!
– What’s your favorite sports movie?
00:37:52 – But to keep things fresh, we got a brand new #DansDastardlyQuestDan:
– Can you name a movie you had low expectations for and came out pleasantly surprised?
00:39:48 – Plugs & Show Close
End of Show.

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