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This Week In Film Podcast

May 20, 2016


This week, join Nick and Ray in a new segment called “Spoilers Not Spoilers”, as they punish Charliefor having a life, and not seeing Captain America: Civil War (2016) quick enough.

This episode contains some pretty heavy spoilers, so listener beware!

Week 18.5 Rundown:
00:00 – Show Open & Intros & Rules
01:30 – Captain America: Civil War (2016)
24:13 – Plugs & Show Close
End of Show.

What we went for here was to try and ruin Charlie’s movie watching experience by telling him actual spoilers and made up spoilers to try and throw him off when he actually gets around to seeing it.

It was pretty fun to do, and maybe we will do another one soon. X-Men Apocalypse anyone?

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