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This Week In Film Podcast

Apr 12, 2017

This week in film, join Nick and new lady guest, Jill, as they break down the 2016 kids movie Trolls. Spoiler alert for the Trolls movie. They have magic hair. Here's the rundown for this week's show: 0000: Show Open & Intro 0000: Nick and Jill Trolls their listening audience 0000: Still Trolling 0000: Plugs & Show Close Please share, subscribe, rate and review our show! Check out our show on the Podcast Radio Network! Every Wednesday night at 10:00pm! Be sure to check out the other shows every night! Check out Charlie’s book on Amazon! Soundcloud | YouTube | facebook | Twitter | iTunes | Stitcher | Website | Podcast Radio Network | Wed Nights | Google+ | GooglePlay Music | Patreon |