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This Week In Film Podcast

Aug 3, 2016

This Week in Film, Nick, Charlie, & Ray are back! They have also watched movies. This Week we watched, Green Room, Headhunters, and the 1990 & 2012 Total Recall. Charlie goes to freshen up first, with Green Room. Ray talks about hunting heads, with Headhunters. Nick watched both versions of Total Recall. Guess which one is a timeless classic. It's the Arnold one. We answer last week double question bonanza, and get back to the RaysRayndomRayquests: What movie remake do you like more than the original, or what remake do you just hate? Answers will be discussed on next week's show! Please share, subscribe, rate and review our show! Also, be sure to check out our show on the Podcast Radio Network! We are on every Wednesday night at 10:30pm! But there are a lot of other shows each and every night! Check out Charlie’s book on Amazon! Soundcloud | YouTube | facebook | Twitter | iTunes | Stitcher | Website | Podcast Radio Network | Wed Nights@1030pm | Google+ | GooglePlay Music |