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This Week In Film Podcast

Jul 19, 2016

Its the ultimate edition of Week 27 with an extra long run time, but does it make the show any better? Listen to it and find out! This Week in Film join Nick & Ray as the wonder where in the world is Charlie? Then they start talking about the movies they watched over the past week: Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. First up, Ray talks about Star Wars The Force Awakens. This movie came out in theaters a long time ago in a theater just up the street. This was a clever descriptor. Next Nick goes all the way back to Week 12 and watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. Find out if he thought the movie was any better with 30 extra minutes of footage! This week's RaysRayndomRayquest, You'll have anextra long time to think of a answer for this one, because next weeks episode is already recorded. It's summertime, people take vacations and we are trying to get a little bit ahead. We discuss all the fun RaysRayndomRayquest answers from Last Week in Film, "What animal would you be if you were in the movie The Lobster"? Please share, subscribe, rate and review our show! Also, be sure to check out our show on the Podcast Radio Network! We are on every Wednesday night at 10:30pm! But there are a lot of other shows each and every night! Check out Charlie’s book on Amazon! Soundcloud | YouTube | facebook | Twitter | iTunes | Stitcher | Website | Podcast Radio Network | Wed Nights@1030pm | Google+ |