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This Week In Film Podcast

Nov 23, 2016

This Week in Film, join Nick & Ray as they sit around and wait for Matt to show up. Then after seconds of waiting, they start the show. Up for discussion this week is: Nocturnal Animals & Best of the Best. Two very similar movies. This Weeks Questions: #RaysRayndomRayquest Can you name a movie where the actor has a really bad fake accent? Here's the rundown of this week's show: 0000: Show open & Intro 01:13: Ray talks about Amy Adams two weeks in a row with Nocturnal Animals 15:04: Nick wants to take karate classes after watching Best of the Best 34:50: We play a new game called: ConcentRAYion: Nick of Time Edition (This is a completely original title, it definitely wasn't come up with by a totally different Matt than the one who didnt show up today(thanks Matt)) 40:53: Ray asks a new rayndomrayquest: Can you name a movie where the actor has a really bad fake accent? 42:16: Plugs and Show Close Please share, subscribe, rate and review our show! Check out our show on the Podcast Radio Network! Every Wednesday night at 10:30pm! Be sure to check out the other shows every night! Check out Charlie’s book on Amazon! Soundcloud | YouTube | facebook | Twitter | iTunes | Stitcher | Website | Podcast Radio Network | Wed Nights@1030pm | Google+ | GooglePlay Music | Patreon |