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This Week In Film Podcast

Oct 5, 2016

This Week in Film, join Nick and not RayCharlieTony, or Dan, but LewLew makes a special appearance on this week’s This Week!

Then they start talking about movies at least one of them thinks are classics, Brain Donors (1992) & Highlander (1986).

Week 38 Rundown:
00:00:00 – Show Open & Intro
00:01:06 – Lew gets into what only he considers a classic comedy, Brain Donors (1992)
00:09:50 – Nick wants to live forever with the Highlander (1986)
00:28:01 – We read none of the answers to the past weeks questions. Totally not because Nick forgot to write them all down. But you lucky listener get to answer for yet another week. They are really starting to add up now.
What is your favorite Sports movie?
Can you name a movie you had low expectations for and came out pleasantly surprised?
and brand new for this week!
Can you name a movie you love, but everyone else seems to hate?
00:31:57 – Plugs & Show Close
End of Show.

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