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This Week In Film Podcast

Jul 27, 2016

This Week in Film, we had some scheduling conflicts, so Ray and Charlie aren't here this week, but join Nick in welcoming two new friends to the show: Dan & Lew! This Week, we watched The Final Girls, Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World, and Dead Poets Society. First up this week, Nick goes to 1980's camp with The Final...

Jul 19, 2016

Its the ultimate edition of Week 27 with an extra long run time, but does it make the show any better? Listen to it and find out! This Week in Film join Nick & Ray as the wonder where in the world is Charlie? Then they start talking about the movies they watched over the past week: Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Batman...

Jul 13, 2016

WEEK 26! It's our six month anniversary!! Yay. This Week in Film, join Nick and Charlie as they welcome back Ray from his exciting overseas adventures. Then they quickly start talking about movies: Explorers, The Lobster, and Super. First up, Ray talks about the movie: The Lobster. And then tells everyone what kind of...

Jul 6, 2016

This Week in Film, join Nick and Charlie as they continue to search for Ray.

Then they discuss Stand by Me (1986)The Shallows (2016)and Killer Mermaid (2014).

Week 25 Rundown:
00:00:00 – Show Open & Intros
00:02:25 – The Shallows (2016)
00:11:31 – Killer Mermaid (2014)
00:21:03 – Stand by Me (1986)
00:34:22 –...